01 Full Time

The School offers a three year, full-time, residential course in practical ministry, leading to Pastoral Appointment. The course is divided into the Junior Clerkship and Senior Clerkship programs.

The following subject rotations are treated in each clerkship:


- Losing, Suffering, Sacrificing And Dying
- The Art Of Ministry
- Laikos
- The Calling (Many Are Called)
- The Hearing (The Art Of Hearing)
- The Following (The Art Of Following)
- What It Means To Become A Shepherd
- The Art Of Shepherding
- Transform Your Pastoral Ministry
- Loyalty & Disloyalty
- Those Who Forget
- Those Who Accuse
- Those Who Are Ignorant
- Those Who Are Dangerous Sons
- Those Who Pretend
- Those Who Leave You
- Ministerial Ethics
- Why Non-Tithing Christians Become Poor And Why Tithing Christians Become Rich
- He That Hath, To Him Shall Be Given, And To Him That Hath Not, From Him Shall Be Taken Even That Which He Hath
- Church Planting
- The Mega Church
- Church Growth
- Blood Power
- Anagkazo
- Tell Them
- How To Preach The Gospel
- How To Recognize Demons And Deal With Them
- Sweet Influences Of The Anointing
- Steps To The Anointing
- Catch The Anointing
- Amplify Your Ministry With Miracles, Signs And Wonders
- The Anointed And His Anointing
- Salvation (Greater Love)
- Spirituality (What It Means To Be A Strong Christian)
- Faith (Name It, Claim It, Take It)
- Humility (Formula For Humility)
- The Bible
- The Art Of Leadership
- A Good General (The Science Of Leadership)
- What It Means To Be Wise As Serpents

02 Part Time

For those who can’t commit to the Full-Time Residential Course for obvious reasons, Anagkazo Bible & Ministry Training Centre offers short executive weekend certificate courses in different subject areas of the full-time clerkship course. These courses run for four weekends. Interested participants should call/email for clarifications.



Our Mission

1. Train 100,000 people
2. Appoint 10,000 Pastors
3. Ordain 10,000 Ministers
4. Consecrate 1,000 Bishops

About Us

We are one of the leading Bible Schools in the world; equiping students with the mind of excellent practical ministry work and a heart for the gospel. We believe that any time spent in preparation is not lost time.

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