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Revival At 7pm

Listen to and download messages preached at the Revival Services every Sunday evenings by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills at the First Love Centre. These teachings will transform you and your ministry. To download from his website directly click here. Be blessed!!!

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Music Made In Anagkazo

Music About Working For The Lord

All songs composed by students of ABMTC under the 'Music Made In Anagkazo' label are produced in the studio of BeatBoss Tims at Eburi, Akuapim +233(0) 50 227-3595

1. Akeema - Preach The Word

2. Bright - Steadfast

3. Danzerl - Anagkazo

4. Danzerl - Worthy Is The Lamb

5. Ellen - Anyame Mu Nyinaa (amongst the gods)

6. Tanisha - Great Commission

7. Brinley ft Rodney - Rescue Me

8. Deja - Won't Give Up

9. Double G's - Psalms 23

10. Efua - Magyenkwa

11. Henry - Time Is Now

12. Janet - Go To The World

13. Jennifer ft Rodney - Mercy And Grace

14. Jessica - Fill Us Up

15. Rhema - Let The Light

16. Rodney ft Tyanna - Lost And Found

17. Shameka - Compell


Our Mission

1. Train 100,000 people
2. Appoint 10,000 Pastors
3. Ordain 10,000 Ministers
4. Consecrate 1,000 Bishops

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We are one of the leading Bible Schools in the world; equiping students with the mind of excellent practical ministry work and a heart for the gospel. We believe that any time spent in preparation is not lost time.

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