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When it comes to Anagkazo, I've got a simple, 3 word phrase that speaks for itself: "This is Home." Although we have a large student body, everyone seems to find 'their people' which makes this place so personal. The people are so friendly and collaborative, and the residential school system gives you an automatic support system and built-in friends/family. The atmosphere is close-knit and not cutthroat. The academics aren't easy- especially the ORAL examinations, which are structured to test the in-depth knowledge of the material, but that's why we have such a good reputation and ease when starting out in ministry. Overall, the campus is beautiful and quality of life (hostel/course/facilities) very high. I love Anagkazo and wouldn't go anywhere else! God bless Bishop Dag Heward-Mills!

- Kalipa Salukazana (South Africa)

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The education that you receive here is definitely unbeatable. Lecturers are, for the most part, incredibly knowledgeable and care about students. The lectures are great, and one will agree that there are many reasons why Anagkazo is highly esteemed. From 8am in the mornings to 5:30pm (Tuesdays - Fridays), students sit under power plugged, anointed atmospheres, not only to be taught, but to be imparted on as well.

At the end of each subject rotation, students are tested in exams before they move on to the next rotation. From time to time, our Father Bishop
Dag Heward-Mills pops in to emphasize on key areas that he knows will really help us do well on the field...What a blessing!

If you’re somebody that appreciates knowledge and loves the anointing; you’ll love it here!

- Calvince Dondi (Kenya)

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Students of Anagkazo are greatly blessed and highly privileged to be part of the First Love Church, founded and Pastored by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. The First Love Church is a denomination of fast growing churches in Tertiary Institutions worldwide founded and Pastored by Bishop
Dag Heward-Mills. It is so exciting to see this great Man of God raise up an army of young people who will serve our Lord Jesus Christ and stand up for holiness and righteousness.

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The sheer size of Dag Heward-Mills’ calling to win the lost at any cost in every corner of the world compelled him to give much attention to training helpers in ministry. He has a stirring anointing to train ordinary Christians to become fearless witnesses and ministers of the Gospel, which the students catch and move out to the communities telling people about the love of God and the fact that people should ready themselves for the coming of The Lord.


Bishop Dag Heward-Mills occasionally holds camp meetings for students during which he spends long hours teaching and training the sheep to become good shepherds. The results are staggering. Many are now having large congregations and are doing exploits in the ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ because of these meetings.

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The Anagkazo Bookshop is the best place to visit if you’re looking for spirit-inspired messages, spirit-filled books, bibles, daily devotionals and diverse Christian literature.

At affordable prices it is open to students and the public and people visit to acquire audio CDs and Mp3s, DVDs, books, and more. It is opened From Tuesday to Saturdays from 10:00am to 5:00pm and during any camp meeting being held on campus.

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Students have the privilege of seeking medical attention at absolutely NO COST (free); where doctors are available at all times to attend to their different needs as meets the occasion.

Anagkazo is made to be a home to health care and is committed to improving the health of all, both local and international students.
Enjoy local, quality healthcare in Anagkazo!

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Our Mission

1. Train 100,000 people
2. Appoint 10,000 Pastors
3. Ordain 10,000 Ministers
4. Consecrate 1,000 Bishops

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We are one of the leading Bible Schools in the world; equiping students with the mind of excellent practical ministry work and a heart for the gospel. We believe that any time spent in preparation is not lost time.

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