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This campus was built to preach the word of God in such a way that those who come here will have more faith and believe more in their calling and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This campus was built to train shepherds, pastors, lay ministers, full time pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and all other kinds of ministers. This campus is solely dedicated to Christian activities and is for the propagation of the gospel through the preaching of the word of God, the planting of churches, the conducting of open-air crusades, the conducting of Christian conferences and camps, the publishing of Christian literature and the teaching of the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

This campus was not built for the purpose of advancing secular education. This campus was not intended to be a secular university. This campus was not built for the propagation and the study of theology that is traditionally taught in secular universities and other accredited institutions. This campus was not built to teach or present the various schools of thought about ministry that exist today. This campus was not built to satisfy the requirements of a secular or tertiary educational institution.

The founders of Anagkazo Bible School believe in the whole Bible and believe that many are called, and that many have the ministry of a shepherd. The founders believe in the anointing of The Holy Spirit, the supernatural gifts of ministry, miracles, signs and wonders, speaking in tongues, casting out of devils, sending out of missionaries, the art of leadership, the art of ministry, power evangelism, soul winning, sacrifice, church growth, mega churches, church planting, teachings on loyalty and disloyalty, faith, prayer and the art of being led by The Holy Spirit.

This campus greatly respects the secular education that is taught in universities, but has consciously and intentionally decided not to teach secular subjects on this campus.

The founders of Anagkazo are aware that this school embodies a unique line of teaching which may not be commonly available everywhere. However, this campus was built to shamelessly teach and publish these truths about God and the work of ministry in a systematic and biblical way.

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Our Mission

1. Train 100,000 people
2. Appoint 10,000 Pastors
3. Ordain 10,000 Ministers
4. Consecrate 1,000 Bishops

About Us

We are one of the leading Bible Schools in the world; equiping students with the mind of excellent practical ministry work and a heart for the gospel. We believe that any time spent in preparation is not lost time.

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